Friday, 7 February 2020

Homeward bound

Spent most of last night watching the streets through the upstairs window of this old pub I have taken cover in.
Looking to see if the zombies had come this far North

Yeah I know that the chances are high that the virus and the Z`s are here but, where there is hope and all that..

Uhh, I needed to keep my mind occupied, get the thoughts of that baby out my head.

I mean, I know, of course the Z’s have come this far, I have heard them, hell I can hear them now, their constant low guttural moaning, which means I need to figure out how to get out of here, don't get me wrong, it's safe enough in here at the moment, that's not the point though.

Need to see what the situation is.. 

Ahh balls, looks like there is about 8 or 9 of them, just milling round outside..

Answers the question about how far North they have come.. Looks like they are everywhere..
Now, I could stay put to see if they leave..

Hmm, then more of them could come and I will end up stuck here.

K, need to figure a way out of this place, the longer I stay here the longer Autumn is..

Wonder if there is anything I could use, 

There s a Claymore up there behind the bar, it looks like a real one as well, yeah, right. Who do you think you are Jim? Robert the frikkin Bruce?

Probably wouldn't be able to pick the bugger up anyway.

Hammer? Hatchet? Cmon, cmon there has to be something….

Let's look in the kitchen area, 

I managed to find a meat cleaver, there were plenty knives as well, I doubt they will be any use though, blades look thin.

I kept looking round the ground floor of the pub and found what looked like a cupboard full of gardening tools and as luck would have it a machete. 

Ok, it's time to nut up or shut up, as Tallahassee would say. 

Stash my bag and see what I'm up against…

K Dead count time: 2, 4, 7, 8…., 9 shit, how am I going to do this, there's no way I can take on that many zombies, not by myself.. think, think, think..

Back door, of course, there has to be another way out of this place. 

Right, update time. I have found another way out, a side door. Only problem is, I have no idea what is on the other side. 

I have two choices, I can either stay here and wait, hope that the zombies move on..
Taking the risk that more could come..

Or two, pad myself out with magazines on my arms and legs, open this door and run for it.

Ok, I'm going for option two.

Knock on the door, loud enough to attract any nearby zombies but not so loud as to attract loads of them

1,2,3,4,5…. Nothing, k here goes..


Jesus,, that was way too close, awe man I'm covered in Z goo, 

I swear those TV shows and movies make it look a whole lot easier as they cut their way through hordes of undead like they were bits of paper, trust me, it's not! 
Imagine getting into a fight with half a dozen drunks at the same time and it's only you. .

Anyway, Stirling is just up the road, I should be home in a couple of hours. 

Need to get this zombie goo off me

. Ok, so I have been walking for a couple of hours now, the next corner I turn will put me in the street where my Mom and dad live, I'm not going to lie, I am absolutely bricking it, 
Most of the houses I have passed are a mess, blood all over the windows, bloody scratch marks on walls and broken doors, this isn't looking good. 

This is it. The street my parents live on, I can see their house from here

What the, the world has gone to hell and someone is playing music…
We are titty deep in a zombie apocalypse and someone is playing music.. and its, coming from my parents house?

The music seemed even clearer now that I was in my parents house, I looked around the down stairs first, quietly calling for my daughter but there was no reply.

Someone had definitely been here, and recently.

As I started up the stairs the music became louder, sounding like it was coming from the room my daughter uses when she is here.

I waited for a moment outside my daughters room, almost afraid to go in because of what I might find there.

was she still alive or had she become one of those things. My fear rose as I heard movement coming from inside the room, things being moved around.

My heart almost stopped when I heard a voice start to sing along with the music being played from inside the room. It was Autumn, she was alive!

I burst into the room, Autumns spun round as she reached out for the knife on her dresser at the same time.

Clutching the knife she slowly backed away, uncertain of what to do next.

Finally I watched as she visibly relaxed and spoke..

"Dad, Dad is that you"?

"Have you been bitten"?

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