Thursday, 23 January 2020

Leaving the attic

As luck would have it there was an abandoned car with its keys still in the ignition, not too far from the farm house I had been staying in.

It took maybe 20 minutes to get to Stratford..


The place was a mess, whatever the virus was that started this, it looks like it didnt stay local to London thats for sure.

The buildings around the outside of the town centre were still in one piece… but the further you got into town, looked like a war zone, looks nothing like I remembed it now.

I didn't stop, just kept driving, trying to keep to the back roads where I could avoid any Z hordes

In a world where the usual, hustle and bustle of daily life had stopped, hearing the groaning of a zombie mob can be heard streets away, further at night.

I made sure I kept my eyes open for any signs of people while I was there but there was no one.

I had managed to get about 15-20 miles past the centre of Coventry before I ran into a group of Z`s, about 20 or more of them I dont know..
Luckily I saw them before they saw me..
I grabbed my bag and got out of the car, leaving it where it was.

Taking cover behind a small hedge in someone's garden I waited, hoping that they would move on but they didn't.

As far as I knew the road I was on, was the only road which would lead me out of Coventry's outskirts and back into the countryside.
It was this way or across open fields, the memory of the coach driver being chased down by and tore apart put an end to that idea.

I didn't want to wait too long before making my move, the sun was starting to set and I didnt want to be outside in a place I didn't know at night time.

The house behind me was locked and I knew that trying to break in ran the risk of alerting the any Z`s in the area.

Anyway, I didn't like the idea of taking cover in a house which was so close to the mob, I just didnt want to have to take cover in the loft of a house again, they were just standing there, not moving,

I only needed to make the smallest noise, alert just one of those things and that would be it.

Game over

I had no choice, I had to backtrack a mile or so,, just to get away from the area. Time was moving on and I had to make a move.

Climbing over a fence on the other side of the garden I slowly move away from the horde, going from garden to garden until I came to a large wall in the last garden.

I remember climbing onto a bin so I could see into the street opposite,
There was a pub just over the road,
I climbed over the wall and after checking that the street was empty made my way to the pub in the hope that the doors were unlocked.

I was in luck, the doors were unlocked, I slowly pushed the door open and looked inside..
The main area was empty.

I moved to the other end of the bar and sat down, dropping my bag on the floor.

Looking round I saw a makeshift noticeboard advertising the events for the week..

“Welcome to the Winchester” had been written across the top of it in chalk.

I remember that i burst out laughing, thinking, You must be frikkin kidding me.

My plan is to stay in the Winchester and wait until it all blows over.

Or at least until morning and hope that that Z mob has moved on.

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