Friday, 31 January 2020

Are They People?

 Didn't get as far as I expected, Dalkeith is a mess, I have had to ditch the car and start walking, there was no way I could get through this in a car, it looks like a war zone.

The going has been pretty rough, collapsed buildings everywhere, in some places whole streets are nothing more than piles of bricks, rubble and broken glass.

Then there are the holes, not the kind of holes you would expect to see when the ground has given way and collapsed or the holes left after an explosion.

These holes, from what I have seen all look the same, same size and all the same shape more or less.. kind of cone shaped.

I did manage to find some houses which looked undamaged, so after I did my usual checks for undead inhabitants I moved in to one of them, just for the moment, I haven't had a chance to look round the house properly yet

My head is absolutely banging, last time I had a headache this bad was after my mates stag party, geez that was some do hehe..

Yeah, didn't really have a lot of choice, I don't think I could have walked much further so this place was a lucky find I guess

Not that I'm planning on staying here, I'm not, soon as iv rested and gotten rid of this bad head I'm outta here, tomorrow at the latest… but right now, I just need to rest for a while..

Don't know what it is but I just can't seem to focus right now, been looking at my phone for the past 5 minutes, trying to figure out the fastest route to sterling and.. I don't know.. I literally do not know, the more I look at the map, the more confused I'm getting

Going to have a look round the house in a minute, just need to take a minute, sit down and rest, honestly, it feels like every inch of me is head is pounding and I cant… 

Wonder if the people who lives here, left any pain killers.  Couple of those and a drink should sort...

That`s when it hit me, when was the last time you had a drink, yesterday, the day before?

Course you have a stinking headache and can't focus, your friggin dehydrated you clown..

Ok get up and move, the kitchen, let's see if the taps are working..

No, crap, course, there is a busted pipe down the street, bet that fed the street. 

Right… Ok, if I can find a container of some sort, a bottle or something  I can get some water from the pipe, going to have to filter it first though, last thing I need is a case of the squirts right now..

If I can get some dirt and gravel while I'm out as well.

Right, update time, I have moved upstairs so I can check the street before I make my move, I can see the burst pipe just up the road a while, I can also see something moving by a building just to the right, 

There, there it is again

Don't want to make a move until I know what that thing is, human or..

What the hell is that, it's definitely not a person, it's movements are.. well, it's not a person.. people don't move like that, at least the people I know don't..

it's movements are slow and deliberate not like a zombie, this thing knows what it's doing..

And what ever it is, it's not alone, uhh, there is two, three, oh crap.. There area few of them, 
They look like, well from here, they look like they are, talking to each other? 

They must be people, kids.. I think.. 

Uhh Come on jim, your not thinking straight, dont risk it. The way your thinking right now, god knows what could happen..

Since I can't leave the house right now I might as well have a look round, 

Of course, why didn't I think of that, the bathroom. With any luck there might be some water in the toilet cistern, at least 7 litres I think unless it's an old one, will be more than enough.


Quick filter and I'm good to go.. 

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