Wednesday, 29 January 2020

An Unexpected Find

I don't know how long I had walked, I move by day and hide by night, watching where the sun rose so that I knew roughly which way north was.

I passed Newcastle upon Tyne a few days back, doing my best to avoid built up areas.
High population areas mean lots of undead

Anyway, right now, I am holed up in a barn in an abandoned farm, the barn smells of fields so I'm assuming that it was used for wheat storage and not livestock,

 I'm going to check out the farmhouse a little bit later, when it's daylight, I'm almost out of food and my water is starting to run out..

There is not a sound to be heard anywhere tonight so if anything passes by, I should hear it long before it has a chance to become a problem. 

Anyway, It's about 6 in the morning and I'm wide awake, I did manage to get a bit of sleep earlier so I'm not overly worried about it, I'm sleeping a lot less these days anyway. 

Think the sun will be high enough for me to check out the house soon, not so many dark corners for things to hide in.

C'mon, let's do this… 

I knocked on the door and gave my usual 5 count

Waiting for a zombie or what ever to come running at the door but there was nothing, looked like nobody is home, just need to get in and check to see if there is any food first of all, running water would be good as well…

From the outside the farmhouse didnt look so big, but once your in… 

Uhh, problem with big houses like this one is, there are so many friggin rooms for Z’s to hide in… 

It took me a few minutes to gather myself and start moving through the house after my usual "Man Up" pep talk 

The downstairs was empty, there were a couple of tins of food in one of the kitchen cupboards so I did manage to eat, which was good..
I was planning on checking out the living room when I heard it.

At first I thought my hearing was playing funny buggers on me 

There was no frikkin way! 

 was that a BA..

I did not see this coming.. I could hear the cries of a baby coming from up stairs
No way! 

Shit, Needed to shut that thing up before it pulls every Z for miles around..

1, 2, 3, I started my usual count but, I had to shut the baby up, it would bring zombies from miles around.

I burst into the room, quickly scanning for zombies and the little shite factory who was making all the nose, and that is when I saw it.

I just froze, my stomach turning.

There in a blood and shit stained crib was the baby, it looked around 6 maybe 7 month old.. I honestly thought I would throw up as it stood up against the edge of the crib staring back at me with cold, undead eyes, a slight guttural growl coming from its mouth

I didnt search the rest of that farm house, after finding the baby Z, I just wanted to get out and go as far from there as I could.

Don't know what happened to its parents but it looked like the baby was left, don't know how it was turned or what happened but…

Uhh Shit man, a baby zombie, having to deal with a normal Z is one thing, kill or be killed but a baby one? 
I couldn't just leave it there like that, I couldn't..

I mean, why? What the hell is going on here?

Then it hit me, shit, Autumn, I need to get to Autumn, make sure she is ok, she isn't one of those things!

I need to… Dalkeith.. The signpost for Dalkeith, was  just up the road, that means I should be hitting Stirling by tomorrow!

How the hell did I not know that I am in… OK, so if I skirt around Edinburgh, it might add an extra few hours but I should avoid any major zombie contact. 

The sun is pretty high so I have a good few hours to make some ground.. With any luck I should be able to get about half way there before it gets dark? 

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