Monday, 11 November 2019

2 The Survivor (A Matter of Survival)

I'm not sure how long I spent hiding under the bus, it seemed like forever until the mob moved on, probably to the nearest town. At one point i thought that one of the things had seen me, it came right up to the coach I was hiding under and started to sniff, nose held high in the airf, I swear my heart was beating so hard I thought it would  heard me but it lost interest and moved on.

After about an hour or so I slowly pulled myself out from under the bus making sure I didn't make a sound, the sun was starting to set and I had no idea where I was so I thought it best to stay put until the next day. I made my way round the coach door and climbed back on board.

I quietly called out “hello?” a few times hoping that someone had stayed on board, even if it was that snot nosed kid and his downtrodden mother, but the bus was empty.  I used some coats and hand luggage to make a makeshift bed under some seats, in the middle of the bus, I figured that would be the safest place to stay until the morning.

Sleep was out of the question, even if I wanted to, every noise put me on edge. You would think the countryside would be quiet at night, it's not, its just as noisy as the city, the countryside has a different kind of noise though, the only thing that is the same is the cry of passing foxes, I swear when I heard my first county fox screaming somewhere out in the fields, I thought the mob had came back and had caught someone, any hope i had of getting some sleep now was gone.

The sun started to rise at about 4.30 in the morning. I had already looked through most of the hand luggage on the bus, I had figured that, I don't know, with everything that had happened yesterday, things had changed, going through the bags that everyone had left wasn't.

I had told myself that it was a matter of survival now.

After eating some of the snacks I had  found I made my way to the driver's cab, luckily the coach driver was in that much of a hurry the day before he had left the keys in the ignition, turning the key half way I turned on the radio hoping to find a local radio station that could tell me what was going on but there was nothing, not even the emergency broadcast message.

I turned the key all the way to start up the coach, have to admit I was relieved when the engine started first time.

Looking round one last time for any of the other passengers I put the coach into gear and pushed hard on the accelerator, the bus lunged forward and stopped as the engine died. I tried again to get the bus moving, all the while very conscious about the amount of noise I was making, part of me wanted to just get off the bus and run.

After about the 4th time the bus started and the engine hummed quietly, I took a deep breath and one last look for any of the other passengers before i pressed down on the accelerator.

This time the bus moved away gently.

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