Monday, 11 November 2019

3 The Survivor (Ghost Town)

I think I was only driving for about 30 minutes when i saw my first sign of what was civilisation.
There were plumes of black smoke rising into the air turning what was a blue summer sky into a dark mass of grey clouds.
I pulled up just and just sat, looking, the street I had parked on was impassable, in any vehicle. The houses and buildings which lined the streets were nothing looked like  nothing more than empty shells, blood smears on the windows where people had tried to get away from those things, people's possessions scattered throughout the street, burning cars had been overturned and the smell.

I had only once before smelled what I was smelling and that was when I was called to report on a road traffic accident on the outskirts of London.

Once you smell it you never forget the smell of burning flesh.

I have to admit that at this point the last thing I wanted to do was get off the coach and start walking through the apocalyptic landscape that stretched out in front of me.

But, once I was sure I was safe i took the keys out of the ignition and got off the coach, walking round to the back I opened the coach suitcase hold and started to look through the cases to see if I could find anything that would help me on my journey.

I have to admit, Looking through the suitcases of the passengers I had shared the bus with did make me feel dirty and well like some kind of low life leech as I pawed through their holiday belongings hoping to find anything that would make my life that bit easier. I had to remind myself that things had changed and it was survival now.

I didn't find much that i could use in the suitcase hold so packed a few things, mainly food in a small backpack I had found and, pulling it on my back, I took a last look at the coach which had brought me this far before I started down the street.

I must have walked for hours, every street I walked down was the same, street after street. houses were left with front doors open, windows and walls splashed with blood..

Have you ever had a feeling of a thought that you could possibly be the last living person in the country, or even the world? That was me as I walked through this ghost town,
 couldn't get over how quiet it was, couldn't even hear the bird's, the only sound I could hear was my own breathing and my footsteps as I walked up a garden path which lead to a house which was not as damaged as the others.

I knocked at the door and called out in the hope that who ever lived there was still there,
But there was no answer, walking round the side I taped on the windows and made just enough noise so that if anyone was still in the house they would be able to tell that I was a human and not someone who was planning on burglary, but there was no answer.
I tried the back door which, luckily was open, pushing it, I let it swing open before I slowly made my way inside, still quietly calling out, saying that I was not wanting to hurt anyone and giving a running commentary of what I was doing.

The last thing I wanted was to frighten someone and end up with a kitchen knife sticking out of my chest.
I went from room to room, checking cupboards as I went looking for food, tools and weapons as well as anyone who might be hiding, I didn't find anyone in any of the rooms, upstairs or down and made my way back into the sitting room, taking off my backpack I sat on an old chair in front of an older looking TV set.
 I lent forward and switched the TV on in the hope of finding out what was going on but there was nothing, the telly wouldn't switch on, I checked the lights and they were out as well.

I could see the sun start to go down through the sitting room window, the sky was a beautiful orange only spoiled by the patches of grey and black made by the smoke coming from the burning buildings in the distance. The streets were dead with no movement at all.

I had never felt so alone as I did at that moment.


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