Monday, 11 November 2019

The Survivor Episode 1 (Secrets and Lies)

S01E01 (Secrets and Lies)

Don't know if anyone can hear this, hope so
Yeah…. Something has gone wrong in a huge way,
I don't think I will be able to say everything now, too much is going on but I will tell you what I know so far..

Telephone networks are down, I have tried to call my parents and my daughter and I couldn't get through, I did manage to get in touch with one of my contacts from the Shadow Cabernet and well lets just say that It looks like the conspiracy theorists were right, they had been right all along, not only have the governments of the world been hiding something from us, but they have also been lying to us, hiding the truth and working on their own agenda.

Our world is not what we were led to believe it to be. Many of the things that we were told are true, are not true.
Thinking about it, every now and then a movie would hit the cinema or a documentary would be shown on TV as if to condition is to what could be, preparing us... for what was to be.

As if someone knew..

My contact told me that the powers that be were busy working on a project, this project was so secret that even high up government ministers didnt know about it.

They were trying to create a new kind of soldier, a soldier who would be impervious to pain, didnt need to eat, didnt need to rest and could fight in any conditions. The ultimate killing machine..

It seems to a greater or lesser extent that they succeeded.

The first I knew of any of this was when I was on the coach heading back home for summer, the coach was packed full and noisy with the excited chatter of families leaving the city for their annual holiday in the countryside.

As luck would have it, I had to have some snot nosed kid sat in the seat behind me, who, after spending the first half hour of the journey arguing with his Mom about why he should have been allowed to bring his tablet with him, decided to rebel against his Mom by kicking the chair in front of him, my chair.

Now I like to think that I'm an easy going kind of guy, in my line of work, I had to be, last thing I needed was my name all over the papers I worked for, for testing done kid across the head while on a coach trip to Scotland.

Anyway, After about an hour of my back being pummelled the kid finally gave up and I sat back and put my earbuds in.

I'm not sure but I must have fallen asleep because The next thing I know I woke up to screaming and shouting.

 the bus driver had pulled the coach onto the hard shoulder of the motorway he shouted something about looking after number one, he left the bus and vanished through a hedgerows..

I remember watching him run across an open field, and that was the first time I saw them, a huge group of people, well.. they looked like people at the time, they came out of nowhere and started, look, its stupid calling these things people, but for the sake of time and easiness, right now that`s what Im going to call them.

I dont want to freak the shit out of you and make you leave, there are things I need to say and things you need to know

Yeah, they caught the coach driver easily and… and they tore him to pieces...,

I grabbed my day bag and got off the bus as fast as I could, everyone scattered, some people thought that they could run across the same field that the coach driver had ran across while others started to run down the road, I thought it would be better to hide under the coach and wait, whoever or whatever these people,,, things were, would pass by me

I remember lying behind the back wheel of the coach just out of sight, watching as the mob chased down the others from the coach, tearing them into pieces..

...and start, eating them,


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