Tuesday, 12 November 2019

9 The Survivor (Back to School)

Update time, I found living people, or rather, they found me. These are the first people I have seen since all this started, there's about 8 of them

They seem to know a lot more about the zombies than me,
 they have a small base in a school about 20 minutes away from the warehouse I stayed in.

They pulled me off the street just before I walked right into one of those things, looking back I suppose I am lucky to still be here, I had no idea….

I don't think this group have any plans at the moment, except for staying alive, so as soon as it's safe out again I plan to carry on with my plan to get back home

I have had a  look round some of the school, there's nothing really to say about it, it's a school, judging from the size of it I would say a primary school so unless we plan to take out the a group of zombies with craped paper and glue there isn't much to it except for a safe place to be.

I'm in the main corridor at  the moment, classrooms to the side and a small library on the other
Heh, the pictures on the wall, yeah this is a primary school with its hand print paintings turned into flowers or the sun.
Two paragraph stories and the obligatory alphabet running across the top of the notice board. Funny how things like this bring back memories of a happier time..

shh , something is outside,
What is that, going to see if I can see what is going on through the window..

Oh shit, shit, shit,
Right, there is a huge mob of Z’s outside and they are heading towards the school… oh. Ffffffff
I have to warn the others, we need to get out of …

They're trying to get into the school, banging on the glass doors and windows, crap..
Shit, me, they're inside the school
They are everywhere,

Ok.. they are moving down the corridor to the other end of the..
Shit, the others are down there..

Shite! They have found the others, I can hear the others.. screaming, oh shit, NO!..

It's been a couple of hours, I think, they have gone.

I have spent the last 20 minutes, or so, looking for the rest of the group but I can't find them anywhere. Shit.. it's like they were never here,
I can see their stuff, bags, food, but I can't find them.

First people I see in God knows how long and they end up dead… Or worse.
This is my fault, if they hadn't of pulled me off the street.

OK knock it off Jim, keep looking, they must be here somewhere..

Lets look at this logically,
I have three options
Either the zombie things killed them which would mean either bodies, bits of bodies or blood and there is no sign of any of that so..
They escaped, which means that they are alive somewhere, they are not in the room where they were so they must be somewhere else in the school, unless they managed to get out.

Or option three, the zombies took them, which would answer the question, why I haven't seen any bodies, nah, what would zombies want with people, shit they cant even think for them selves let alone act as a team, unless something else took them

Nah, dont be a tard Jim, get with the moment

Right, if there are no bodies or bits of them I can assume they are not dead so…
If I turn this school upside down and I cant find them then either they escaped or they were taken.

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