Sunday, 17 November 2019

8 The Survivor (Moving Out)

Noise travels further, seems louder and closer at night,
the noise last night seemed to be closer than ever, at one point it sounded like it was right above me, I had my bag ready in case I had to make a quick getaway.

I have no idea what they were up to..
And I had no inclination to find out,
Right now, my priority is getting home, with any luck Scotland will not have been touched, I doubt it though

There seems to be a lot more Z activity at the moment, dont know if thats because there are more of them or because I am in a built up area and “according to The Zombie survival guide” because cities have a denser population you will more zombies… yadda yadda yadda, who would have thought that a book published for the Zombie freaks would actually be of use…

The blue summer skies are patched with grey and black smoke clouds

The horizon, is a permanent orange and red from all the burning buildings in the distance.

There's no dawn chorus either,

it's about 9 in the morning now,
And things are getting a bit too close, to busy for my liking.
I think I have everything I need to get me to the next town at least, time to move on

Time to get out of here..

k everything seems clear outside, here we go...

Ok a quick update.
It has been about 10 maybe 15 minutes since I left the warehouse, I was just about to leave the town limits and I think I have just heard something,

There it is again, yes there is definitely over there.
It's just behind those bushes, you see it?
Shit, course you cant..

It could be an animal or even an injured person but, Im gonna go and check it out anyway.

Uhh crap I don't know, if it's a hurt animal it might attack, but if it's a person or a kid, even that snot nosed kid, they could use my help..

If it's a Z

Shit, I don't know now.

Wait, there is someone over there, definitely not a zombie thats for sure
His movements are way too fast, too sharp for a zombie..

See if I can get him to see me…

Hey, hey.. K so I`m waving my arms round like some kind of idiot hoping that he sees me.. Yep, it worked..

Wait, he is signalling me, pointing over to my right,
Shit, a zombie, I didnt see it, thought the street was clear, crap. If that thing sees me Im dead for sure, that`s what the other guy was pointing to, if that thing makes a noise… it will bring zombies running from 10 streets away..

Ahh balls, now what..

Don`t have a lot of choice, Looks like who ever that is over there wants me to follow,

Right, looks like that Z is preoccupied, now`s my chance.. Time to move..

Hi, Im Ji…

K so she just put her finger to her mouth and shushed me, telling me to follow her, just hope this isn`t some kind of trap.

Turning this off for now, I will try to make another update once I know whats happening

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