Friday, 15 November 2019

7 The Survivor (Loosing The Cannon)

Ok, so this is just an update, I'm still holed up in that electrical warehouse but I have been doing some reconnaissance over the last couple of days, a bit of research if you like, if I am going to get to Scotland which is the plan, I need to know what I'm up against.

So, for one, I don't know if it was because my first sighting of the zombies was out in the countryside,
Or if the street lights stopped working shortly before I first saw them.

To be honest with everything that was going on, I didn't even notice whether the streetlights were on or not.

The old person's house I stayed in last week had no electricity but i didnt think to check if we still had electricity anywhere else.

We do.
So I can charge my phone and my Dictaphone, still don't have a signal on my phone but if I switch my GPS on at least I can see where I am.

Next, there was a clothes shop not far from here, I say was because I was there the day before yesterday, getting some more suitable cloths, I must have left the light on or something I don't know,
I had set up camp above the newsagents opposite, it had one of those old old windows that came out of the building so I could see up and down the street.
I wanted to see if there was anyone else in the area who had thought the same as me or who came out to scavenge when things were quite.

Not long after dusk the a few people did venture out into the streets, thing is, they were being followed by a group of zombies or something, anyway a load of them came round the corner and well….  I did try to help but there was too many of them..

I don't know, maybe they were drawn to the light but whatever the reason, I am making damn sure that when the sun goes down I switch off any lights. Last thing I need is to have the robots paying me a visit.

Ok, next update, I found an army surplus store and a hunting shop so now I have camouflage jacket to help me hide, a decent backpack, a good hunting knife and a few other bits, portable stove, groundsheet and stuff like that

No guns though, I'm in England and well, no guns.

I think I have everything I need now to get me to Scotland, all I need to do is ditch the stuff I don't need, like my camera, the big Canon anyway and it's lenses, somehow I don't think getting that perfect picture for the glossies is going to help any, keeping the small point and shoot though.

As my dad would say,
The more you have in your bag..
The more you have to carry.

I used to laugh at him saying I needed all the lenses and everything else for my job..

I`m not laughing now dad...

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