Wednesday, 13 November 2019

6 The Survivor (Box Forts)

OK Update time..

Obviously I managed to get into the town without a problem, faster than I thought I could.
The streets were empty, except for peoples belongings scattered everywhere
Just old memories and pictures of moments which have happened, Nothing more than piles of junk littering empty streets

I`m holed up in a warehouse I think, Judging from the amount of shop fronts and buildings here I am guessing this was the town centre.

I`m thinking that it might be an idea to stay here a while see if I can get a few things get to help me get to Scotland.

I haven't seen a single person yet, even among the ruined houses, I haven't even seen anyone picking through the rubble for photographs or memories

Yeah I know, that it looks like the world has gone to shit, the Zombies or whatever they are attacking England, dont know if it is just England or whether this is happening everywhere I just think it's kind of weird that I haven't seen a single person, then.. if they had any sense they would be keeping out of sight right now.

OK, plan time. Looks like this is a warehouse is for some electronic store, its full of telly's and toasters. So unless I can go all A Team and make a ray gun out of a flat screen TV and a toaster…

Still this place is pretty secure so it might do as somewhere to get my head down while I get a few things together.
I did notice one of those outward bound shops down the street on my way here,  think that place is definitely worth checking out

I'm having a look about to see if I can find a radio right now, you never know. I might find a station or something, at least then I will know if the whole world has gone to shit or just England, or even just where I am

Oh hang on a minute, whats this?
Mobile phone and tablet power bricks, bonus!
Now if my memory serves me right these things usually come at least half charged, so a few of these should keep my phone going until I find a power source. Wonder if I could join a few of them together so that they charge each other, five or six fully charged bricks is better than a dozen half charged ones.

Its just gone 6 in the evening now, I would have been at my Mom and Dads place by now, drinking coffee while listening to Autumn tell me everything that she has done over the past two weeks, while I have been away, huh, My Mom would probably be fussing round me with Dad shouting that I was a grown kid now and she should leave me be.

Still haven't come across a radio yet, only thing of use really was those charging bricks and a torch.

Right, I`m going to make myself a little box fort between these shelves, somewhere where I can hide out and while my phone charges, might as well try to get it back to full charge while I have a plentiful supply

Yeah, that's it for this one.

Just an update

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