Tuesday, 12 November 2019

5 The Survivor (First Sightings)

OK it's about half five in the morning and I need to get out of here.
The zombies have been gone for about an hour or so, yeah, I might as well say it how it is, they are walking dead, Rotters, Walkers, what ever you want to call them, its been about an hour or so since I heard anything, I don't know. Haven't dared move, they were poking around the outside of the house for hours..

I'm going to have to make sure that they have gone before I leave the house, don't think I will be coming back here, thinking about it, it might be an idea to keep moving, not staying in one place too long.

First things first,  I need to have a look round the house to see if I can find anything of use, don't think I will be checking out the shed though, just in case. I want  to see what the neighbourhood looks like from up stairs as well.

Make sure that it is safe out there.

It still feels so wrong, illegal to be snooping around some one else`s house and taking things without them saying its OK to take it.. I dont have a lot of choice though, not right now, there are things I need if I`m going to make it back to Scotland and... well you know.

Ok, I managed to get some batteries and a tin opener, yeah, rich pickings.

I`m looking out the window at the moment, the neighbourhood is in ruins, there is probably only one or two houses that look untouched, there is a built up area about a mile or so down the road to my right, looks like that's where I'm going to be heading.

Shit, there's one of those things..shhh,
there's another.
OK, there are three of them,

Just moving down the street, or what's left of it.

Go on, keep moving, keep moving, that`s it'..

They're out of sight now, that was too close.
K I am going to have to go out, see if it's safe for me to get out of here.

I took a good out the window before I came out and everything seems quite, those zombie things have gone,

If I can get into town, I should have a lot more places to hide until I get my things together.
It looked like it was only a Mile or so away, at least half a dozen or so blocks so I should be able to get there if I run it.

OK, here goes nothing....

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