Monday, 11 November 2019

4 The Survivor (Technological Input)

I couldn't help it, after everything that  had happened over the last 24 hours, the snot nosed kid and his mom arguing, seeing the coach driver being chased down and eaten not 100 yards away from me, the smell of this town and the sudden knowledge that everything that I considered to be my life had gone, My life and everything I had had gone, that new  iPhone and hitting level 100 on my 5th World of Warcraft character didn't seem so important now, not when compared to finding someone who had managed to escape and somewhere safe to stay at night.

Yes, I admit it. I cried, I cried like I had just found out that everything I had ever known to be true was a lie, at that moment all I wanted was to hear the voice of my Mom and dad telling me that it was OK, it was just a bad dream.

My pity party was cut short as my phone started to ring,
It was Jessica Fuller  my contact from Shadow Cabernet.
According to her the things I had seen chase down and eat the coach driver and the rest of the passengers I had travelled with were some kind of military experiment which had gone wrong, from what she had learned so far Government funded labs had been experimenting on a new undetectable virus which could kill enemy soldiers, seems the virus had an unforeseen side effect where the test subjects didnt stay dead.. She didnt say much after that except that somehow the virus mutated and managed to,, well.. Escape

I lost the call after that.
When I checked my phone, I had no signal and the battery level was on red.
I have no idea why but I tried to call my Mom, I wanted to hear her voice, more than that.. I wanted to hear my daughter Autumn,  anyway but there was nothing, just a low level humming noise and those three beeps you get when there is a network error.

I have no idea why I did this but I opened up the Map app on my phone, after a couple of seconds the orange pointer which marked where I was moved from central London to Didcot,
I was in Didcot, that's about 400 miles away from Stirling and my parents and my daughter
If I was going to get to Scotland I was going to have to be prepared.

This is where I am now as I am talking to you, that is if anyone is listening.

The first thing I am going to do is have a good look round this house to see what I can find that will help me, a better bag, food, one of those phone power packs would be a bonus.
I'm in the living room right now
Looking round I would guess that this was an old person's house so Im not holding out for the phone power pack but there might be a few things I can make use of..

I saw a shed outside round the back of the house yesterday, I'm going to have a look in there before I move on. You never know there might be a mache...

Shit, what was that?

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