Sunday, 24 November 2019

10 The Survivor (So Many Stars)

I have been on the road now for a couple of days, Didcot is well behind me and the others, those who pulled me off the street?
I couldn't find them. I left their stuff where it was just incase they came back.
I did try to find them, spent about a day or so looking, turned the school upside down trying to find out if they were OK. I`m hoping that they did escape,
And that they weren't ..…


Apart from the occasional lone Z, I haven't seen many zombies, so I have made good progress, travelling by day and hiding at night.

The night skies are a weird kind of beautiful at the moment, the horizons are red and orange, leading into an almost black sky filled with so many stars, I have never seen so many of them, never seen so many comets either.

I'm heading North at the moment, at least I think its north, i remembered a trick my uncle showed me a trick when I was a kid, where you use your watch to find out where South is by lining up the hour hand of your watch with the sun and imagining a line between the hour hand and 12 o'clock, yeah, the imaginary line points south.

I need to go North, but not until it's daylight again. I have took shelter in a farm house tonight, makes a change from hiding under a bush or in a ditch,

 there's a bed up stairs and Im so tempted to use it, it has been ages since I slept in a real bed.

Keep getting images of being woken up though, by some grizzled old farmer with a shotgun pointing at me, wanting to know what I'm doing in his bed.

Think I will just get my head down in this chair, at least then I can bug out if things go tits up.

I have just tried to put my phone on charge and there was no power, tried the lights and they are out as well. Either the power has gone in the house or the national grid has gone down, hope it's just the house.

If it is the grid.. Suppose it was just a matter of time before it went down, getting dark out now anyway so I best try and rest.

Or, maybe not, I can hear something, outside

OK trying to look out of the bedroom window without being seen..
K, there are a few of them out there,, they just went into the barn over on the other side of the yard..
Shit, something has broken a window down stairs,

Oh bollocks, I didnt make sure this place was secure, Need to get my stuff together and find somewhere, shit, no time. See if this place has an attic or something….

Score a loft hatch, its not locked either, right, lets get up there and get the hatch closed..

Please.. Keep going, just walk past

There are two of them on the floor right below me, looks like they are going from room to room, no idea what they are looking for, if I didnt know better I would say they, no,, they cant be communicating, not possible..

Look its to dangerous right now, will continue this late…..

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