Thursday, 28 November 2019

11 The Survivor (Solitude)

I was holed up in that loft for about three days I think

My food was starting to run low and my phone was dead, it died within the first few hours or so, sometimes advances in technology can be a bad thing, I remember my first phone, my dad gave me this old Nokia 3210. I could charge it on a Monday and it would still have charge on Sunday.

Now that was a phone, app store was shite.

I had managed to pull up a floorboard and pick a hole through the ceiling below, if i got close enough to it I can see what was going on below me. I couldn't see much but it gave me some idea as to what was going on down there.

Whatever that virus was that escaped from those labs, what ever it was that started all this,

 I dunno, something is going on, those things that were snooping around the house were definitely zombies but something didnt seem right with them, not that they are right in the first place but you know what I mean?

I have no idea where Im going with this, its just..

You know when you have this feeling that something isnt quite right, thats how Im feeling at the moment,  Huh.. Shit, it has actually happened.

All those zombie movies and TV shows have..
[quiet laugh]

Its the apocalypse baby, roll with it.. Yeah Murphy, I could certainly use your help now..

Everything went quiet after about two days, I waited another day or so, just to be sure before I made my move and ventured back into the house.

I slowly opened the loft hatch, trying to be as quiet as possible, if there was any stray zombies still hanging around the house.

The hatch still made way too much noise for my liking

I slowly made my way out of the loft and down the stairs, being as quiet as I possibly could
Every noise made my heart stop as I froze,  just in case.

I remember how I checked the streets outside as I passed the stairway window, scared stiff incase something saw me

The streets were empty so I made my way to the kitchen remembering that I had left my bag there..

It was still under the table where I left it,
The first thing I pulled out my bag was a charging block. Memory serves me right I was thinking that if I could get even a bit of charge in my phone, I could find out where I was.

I think I stayed in the house for around half an hour or so while my phone charged up before I realised the time.

It was after 11 in the morning so I had about 10 hours daylight if I was lucky
At that moment, all I could think was that I didn't want to be anywhere near that house come nightfall I  checked where I was on my phone to see that I was about 20 miles away from Stratford upon Avon, the home of Shakespeare.

I had been there a few times with Uni so figured that I would at least know my way round,  I couldn't have been more wrong if I tried.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

10 The Survivor (So Many Stars)

I have been on the road now for a couple of days, Didcot is well behind me and the others, those who pulled me off the street?
I couldn't find them. I left their stuff where it was just incase they came back.
I did try to find them, spent about a day or so looking, turned the school upside down trying to find out if they were OK. I`m hoping that they did escape,
And that they weren't ..…


Apart from the occasional lone Z, I haven't seen many zombies, so I have made good progress, travelling by day and hiding at night.

The night skies are a weird kind of beautiful at the moment, the horizons are red and orange, leading into an almost black sky filled with so many stars, I have never seen so many of them, never seen so many comets either.

I'm heading North at the moment, at least I think its north, i remembered a trick my uncle showed me a trick when I was a kid, where you use your watch to find out where South is by lining up the hour hand of your watch with the sun and imagining a line between the hour hand and 12 o'clock, yeah, the imaginary line points south.

I need to go North, but not until it's daylight again. I have took shelter in a farm house tonight, makes a change from hiding under a bush or in a ditch,

 there's a bed up stairs and Im so tempted to use it, it has been ages since I slept in a real bed.

Keep getting images of being woken up though, by some grizzled old farmer with a shotgun pointing at me, wanting to know what I'm doing in his bed.

Think I will just get my head down in this chair, at least then I can bug out if things go tits up.

I have just tried to put my phone on charge and there was no power, tried the lights and they are out as well. Either the power has gone in the house or the national grid has gone down, hope it's just the house.

If it is the grid.. Suppose it was just a matter of time before it went down, getting dark out now anyway so I best try and rest.

Or, maybe not, I can hear something, outside

OK trying to look out of the bedroom window without being seen..
K, there are a few of them out there,, they just went into the barn over on the other side of the yard..
Shit, something has broken a window down stairs,

Oh bollocks, I didnt make sure this place was secure, Need to get my stuff together and find somewhere, shit, no time. See if this place has an attic or something….

Score a loft hatch, its not locked either, right, lets get up there and get the hatch closed..

Please.. Keep going, just walk past

There are two of them on the floor right below me, looks like they are going from room to room, no idea what they are looking for, if I didnt know better I would say they, no,, they cant be communicating, not possible..

Look its to dangerous right now, will continue this late…..

Sunday, 17 November 2019

8 The Survivor (Moving Out)

Noise travels further, seems louder and closer at night,
the noise last night seemed to be closer than ever, at one point it sounded like it was right above me, I had my bag ready in case I had to make a quick getaway.

I have no idea what they were up to..
And I had no inclination to find out,
Right now, my priority is getting home, with any luck Scotland will not have been touched, I doubt it though

There seems to be a lot more Z activity at the moment, dont know if thats because there are more of them or because I am in a built up area and “according to The Zombie survival guide” because cities have a denser population you will more zombies… yadda yadda yadda, who would have thought that a book published for the Zombie freaks would actually be of use…

The blue summer skies are patched with grey and black smoke clouds

The horizon, is a permanent orange and red from all the burning buildings in the distance.

There's no dawn chorus either,

it's about 9 in the morning now,
And things are getting a bit too close, to busy for my liking.
I think I have everything I need to get me to the next town at least, time to move on

Time to get out of here..

k everything seems clear outside, here we go...

Ok a quick update.
It has been about 10 maybe 15 minutes since I left the warehouse, I was just about to leave the town limits and I think I have just heard something,

There it is again, yes there is definitely over there.
It's just behind those bushes, you see it?
Shit, course you cant..

It could be an animal or even an injured person but, Im gonna go and check it out anyway.

Uhh crap I don't know, if it's a hurt animal it might attack, but if it's a person or a kid, even that snot nosed kid, they could use my help..

If it's a Z

Shit, I don't know now.

Wait, there is someone over there, definitely not a zombie thats for sure
His movements are way too fast, too sharp for a zombie..

See if I can get him to see me…

Hey, hey.. K so I`m waving my arms round like some kind of idiot hoping that he sees me.. Yep, it worked..

Wait, he is signalling me, pointing over to my right,
Shit, a zombie, I didnt see it, thought the street was clear, crap. If that thing sees me Im dead for sure, that`s what the other guy was pointing to, if that thing makes a noise… it will bring zombies running from 10 streets away..

Ahh balls, now what..

Don`t have a lot of choice, Looks like who ever that is over there wants me to follow,

Right, looks like that Z is preoccupied, now`s my chance.. Time to move..

Hi, Im Ji…

K so she just put her finger to her mouth and shushed me, telling me to follow her, just hope this isn`t some kind of trap.

Turning this off for now, I will try to make another update once I know whats happening